Snow Snakes

Snow Snakes is a game Ojibwe people play in the winter. The students and I thought it would be fun to make our snakes and play the game.

Materials Needed


Art Materials

Activity Process


Explain to students that the Ojibwe have been bowling for hundreds of years. They made their own bowling ball and lanes. Show them a finished snow snake and give them a brief demonstration.


Students will observe how to use the plainer and given the dimensions of the snake. Snow Snakes have flat bottoms, the chin slopes up like a ski, the head 5-6 inches round, the body 3 inches round, and are 5-7 feet long. Students will make the lanes 100-300 yards long and 1-2 feet deep.


Students will observe the demonstration, choose their stick, start plaining, check the dimensions, sandpaper, paint, make the lanes and play the game.


After we play the game we discussed what they liked and what they would like to learn next.


I will observe the students while they make their snakes and check the finished snakes for the proper dimensions. Students will also be observed playing the game.

Vocabulary Words


Most students had a difficult time using the plainer. All students watched the game. We all had fun playing.

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American Indian Learner Outcomes

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Language Arts



Social Studies