Content Standards

During the development and teaching of culture-based arts integration curriculum, teachers were expected to connect all of their lessons and activities to Minnesota State Academic Standards, National Visual Arts Standards set forth by the Kennedy Center, and/or the American Indian Learner Outcomes (AILO).

Lesson plans on our website that incorporate Minnesota's academic standards and/or American Indian Learner Outcomes can be modified to meet another state's content standards and the needs of other indigenous populations. Teachers are encourage to find local elders and draw upon local traditions to determine if the lesson is suitable and/or adaptable elsewhere.

Why the arts are not listed as a Primary Content Area in the search option menu?

Teachers were working under the assumption that all their lessons were to begin with ideas of arts integration; ensuring that art served as the lesson's core. From this, teachers were expected to link their arts lesson plans to the other content areas of their curriculum: language arts, math, science, and social studies. You will notice that these content areas are made available as a search option when looking for specific lesson ideas.


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