Indigenous Peoples of North America

Students will compare ways of life of Indian Nations from different regions of North America.

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Students will take notes and gather images from the Internet in order to create a PowerPoint presentation to teach the rest of the class about Native tribe(s) in the geographical area.As a class we also talked about reliable sources on the internet and how to avoid including stereotypes and misinformation in our reports.


Demonstrate creation of powerpoints; basic techniques such as copying and pasting of pictures. Where to save pictures, how to create effective text.We talked about fact-checking our information by creating a list of questions to ask ourselves as we find and report information off the web and from other sources. For example:


working with a group, students research a Native community. We will begin our process by discussing the various geographical regions of North American tribes:

As a class we talked about the idea of multiple realities and ways to avoid overgeneralizing a group of people based on regional and cultural similarities. We discussed the fact that many perspectives and realities make up each community of people, no matter where they live or traditions they ascribe to. Even though our reports are giving information about groups of people, it is important to understand the diversity within communities.


Each group will determine how they will divide up the teaching responsibilities. Everyone will be expected to take a turn presenting a part of their PowerPoint to the class.


Is the Group working Cooperatively?PowerPoint Presentation meets minimum expectations: Title Page with image, Slides for the following topics; Traditional Shelter, Traditional Foods, Traditional Language, Roles of Men and Boys, Roles of Women and Girls, Slide with a timeline of major historical events for the tribe(s) of the area, Conclusion slide that highlights what was learned by your group. Presentation: Clarity and participation of all members

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