While the Locust Slept

Students will read about a Fond du Lac band member's experience with boarding school and foster care. Students will also research and read about other Native Americans and their experiences in boarding schools.

Materials Needed


Art Materials


Activity Process


The students will be asked to write about their educational experience. They will write what they know about boarding schools and foster care. After a class discussion I will introduce the book and the author.


Show students what a picture board looks like and explain what pictures are relevant to the story.


Read a chapter, discuss, take notes, draw, and translate 5 items into Ojibwe. When the book is finished students will research boarding school experiences and boarding schools in Minnesota.


Students will discuss what they have learned and how they think this type of experience affected Native Americans


All students will take turns reading the book out loud, what they draw for each chapter, and did they translate items into Ojibwe.

Vocabulary Words


The students were really engaged with the book. They learned a lot about the history of boarding schools and foster care, particularly in our community and state. Next time they will do picture boards for every 3-4 chapters, and continue to have them translate words.

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