Outdoor Experience: Teamwork and Community Building

Experience teamwork and self-confidence to create a stronger community by using Thomas Peacock's The Good Path and organizing a day outside.

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Explain to the students about the teachings of the Good Path to create a sense of community and self-confidence; through Courage, Honor and Cooperation.This activity was held at an environmental center. The climbing course, archery, and others were all supervised by professional staff of the center. This lesson could be reproduced in a similar facility or center that offers adventure learning.


Teamwork: We will demonstrate this by grouping up the students and running initiative courses.Archery: Provide some history and knowledge about the bow and teach the students how to shoot with respect.


Rock Climbing: The members of the group must encourage climber to reach as high as they can go.Initiatives: Team members must work together using encouraging words and work together to complete obstacles as a team.Archery: Students will learn to respect not only those around them, but the materials and space they use to shoot.Glob Tag: Working together to capture everyone through play.



Ask the students how they used various Ojibwe aspects, from the Good Path, to accomplish their goals today.

Vocabulary Words


At first the teams struggled, but after some pausing and problem solving, they become very encouraging to one another. There were no fights or arguments the rest of the day. It is hard to explain, but before we left, we let the students spend some time in the water. It was very peaceful watching them as they all were talking to one another about the day.

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